Brooklyn Council District Stands Alone as Site of Two Party Primaries

NYC City Council candidates discussed the MTA and overcrowded schools–and declared themselves outsiders. From City Limits.

“I’m an outsider,” Carroll says. “I’m the one candidate that ran in an election and won.” (Tong ran unopposed). “I listen to my constituents. My independence is also key.” His history of bipartisanship exemplifies “southern Brooklyn values. We’re proud of the fact that we work with Republicans.”

“I am the only candidate outside the establishment,” El-Yateem says. “I have never been an elected official, and never been on an elected politician’s payroll.”

“I’m an outsider with the benefit of an insider’s knowledge,” says Brannan.

I’m sensing a pattern here.

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Smart Garment Technology Aims to Prevent Back Pain

Wearable tech tackles your aching back. From SpineUniverse.

“We can engage [turn on] the smart undergarment by either tapping on a certain part of the garment, a smartphone, or even by using our own muscle activity via electrode sensors in an armband. Once the task is complete, you can just tap it again to disengage [turn it off], and you are back to normal clothing.”

Well, cool.

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New Opioid Program Raises Concerns for Chronic Pain Patients

With these new guidelines, chronic pain patients may have a tough time finding relief. From Practical Pain Management.

Attempts to curb opioid prescribing often “inconvenience patients and doctors, increase copays, and perhaps even increase [patients’] desire to look for drugs from other sources, such as spouses, friends, or on the street,” Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, DAIPM, FCCP, FASHP.

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Housing Pressures Drive Bids to Oust Flatbush Councilmember

A City Council race gets heated. From City Limits.

Increased enthusiasm may spell trouble for the incumbent, Dr. Mathieu Eugene, who won his seat in a 2007 special election and is seeking a third full term. While Eugene won the primary handily in 2009, by 2013, his share of the vote had dwindled. “I think it’s there’s a lot of dissatisfaction with constituent services,” Solotaire says.

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How Being a Night or Morning Person Affects Your Personality

Did you know being a night owl is associated with intelligence? It’s also associated with some less desirable traits, like impulsivity and depression. But help is here! From Paste.

Are you a lark or a night owl? You may know that your chronotype (your tendency toward lark-ness or night owl-ness) can affect your well-being (larks tend to be healthier) but did you know that certain personality traits are associated with each chronotype?

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Survey Finds Patients Are Harmed by CDC’s Opioid Guidelines

Many chronic pain patients are struggling to find adequate relief, thanks in part to the CDC’s new opioid prescribing guidelines. From Practical Pain Management.

“I do think it’s a fairly good indication that the guidelines have resulted in harm to many patients, and created a fair amount of uncertainty and even fear among prescribers,” Anson said.

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What Trump Means for Hunger and Nutrition in New York City

How will food policies at the federal level affect the city’s most vulnerable residents, and how can the city and state respond? From City Limits.

Food insecurity affects an estimated 1.37 million New Yorkers, and about 20 percent of people who rely on soup kitchens and food pantries here are working adults. “The high cost of living and food in New York City exacerbates the conditions around the country,” says Triada Stampas, vice president for research and public affairs at the non-profit Food Bank for New York City. “A lot of job growth since the recession has been in [lower paying] service sector jobs. And the money doesn’t go as far as it would somewhere else.”


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